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October 17, 2016 // Trained to Look for God's Answers


Parkview Adventist Academy takes pride in preparing students for the challenges they will face beyond the classroom.  Teachers activate critical thinking and problem solving to complete math problems and find evidence for essays, and in doing so hone these same skills for personal finances and moral decision-making.  Some classes offer a more concrete connection to the real world by introducing the inner workings of a vehicle engine in Mechanics or certifying students with Standard First Aid and CPR in Workplace Safety.  

In addition to the courses and grades, PAA teachers and staff are very aware of the school’s role in living out Psalm 144, where David writes: “Praise be to the LORD my Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle” (vs. 1).  As a Christian institution, this campus becomes a training ground for the spiritual battles of this life, and an unexpected readiness test recently hit a class of about 10 students, revealing a deep understanding of who God is to them.


It is the practice of PAA’s teachers to begin each class with a spiritually-uplifting thought and a prayer to invite God’s presence into the classroom and the lives of all who learn there.  Often, students will share prayer requests and reveal a few of the daily struggles they encounter.  In this particular room, one student felt she could share some of the frustrations she had in praying to God and how the challenges in her life were increasing, but she didn’t feel as though her prayers were heard.  At that moment, the teacher could have stepped in to offer some perspective and adult platitudes reminding the student that God’s timing is perfect, but because this is a fact, the instructor never had a chance to respond.  Instead, the students, soldiers of Christ who had spent the first two months of this school year sharpening their understanding of the Bible and God’s many attempts to communicate love, spoke up.

“I promise you,” one friend shared, “that every answer you are looking for is in God’s word.  If you feel as though you can’t hear Him, just go start reading.  Find a story like yours and see how good He can be.”  Another student jumped in to say, “Yeah, I’ve been in tough places too, but if I can encourage you with one thing, it’s that you should be patient.  God has His way and might be trying to teach us something.”  A third student offered, “We’ve heard you pray because you’re going through a tough time, but have you taken a moment to look around at your life and see what support or opportunities He is providing as an answer?”  “What about us sharing with you right now?” another asked.  “We care and we want to continue to pray for you.”

In the middle of big, exciting, campus-wide programs and academically challenging courses, rigorous athletic schedules and so many of the other things that occupy the time here at school, there are small, significant moments like that one to remind us of why this mission matters more than any of that other stuff.   

Because of PAA’s focus and invitation to students to use these three years of high-school to train their hands for a war they are already part of, the promised fulfillment of Psalm 144 has come true on our campus this year: “Our sons in their youth will be like well-nurtured plants, and our daughters will be like pillars carved to adorn a palace” (Ps. 144:12).  While many wonderful things continue to happen at PAA, none is more beautiful or valuable than the growing, active faith of our students.


August 25, 2016 // Registration Checklist


Classrooms and ideas for 2016-2017 are starting to take shape and the only thing missing from PAA are our students! 

Staff prep includes renovations, rearrangements, and restructuring lessons while student prep involves school supply shopping and a quick review of last year's notes in order to be ready for that first pop quiz... just kidding! 

In advance of Registration Day (August 29), there are some things students can keep in mind: 

-Financial Clearance is obtained through a quick meeting in the Ad Building with Deb Chenowith ( to work out a schedule of payment for tuition and fees. Extended office hours for PAA registration are: Friday, August 26 from 1:00pm-4:00pm / Sunday, August 28 from 10:00am-4:00pm as well as Monday, August 29. 

-Student Id Cards are used to check out books from the library, eat at the cafeteria, and get great discounts at local businesses, so make sure to smile big for your picture. Also obtained through the Finance Office in the Ad Building. 

-Technology Checkpoints will help make your campus experience complete, but require a few steps.  Grade 10 and new Grade 11 students will collect their Google Chromebook from Miss Grovet on Registration Day and set up their campus email with Mrs. Lintan. Students who bring their own devices to school are welcome, but must take their electronics down to Computer Services in the Ad Building in order to be connected to campus wifi. Returning students must remember to update their password in order to access email and school networks. Just follow the link to update online and stay connected! 

-Parking is a privilege for independent and fully licensed students, but for security reasons Facilities Maintenance requires every vehicle on campus to be registered through their [brand new!] office. Make sure to collect a parking tag for display and to know where to find the appropriate lot. 

-Educational goals can be set in one-on-one conference with either Ms. Ward, the Principal, or Mr. Jamieson, Vice-Principal. These two will make sure that student class selections are in order before confirming schedules. 

-Campus fun, like the Student Association, Campus Ministries, Student Success, Dorm Boys' and Girls' Club, Fall Athletics, Class Executive and so much more are waiting to be discovered, so make sure to stop by on Registration Day from 9:00am-12:00pm and 1:00pm-4:00pm.  


August 11, 2016 // Paving the Way for This Year's Journey

 For PAA, the pursuit of lifelong learning is applied to students and staff alike. While classes focus on building a foundation of practical and subject-specific knowledge for graduates, preparation and visioning prepare teachers to meet the growing needs of the changing student demographic.  Here are a few things that have worked well this year and a whole lot more to look forward to in 2016-2017!


Last year, PAA trained a staff First Aid instructor with St. John Ambulance, and more than half the student body has been certified in Standard First Aid and CPR as a result. The impact of this has been a student-initiated emphasis on safety and security as they recognize the importance of knowing the proper procedures for response and look out for one another. Not long ago on a Sabbath afternoon walk through the trails of Red Deer, a group of trained students came across a man who had taken a steep corner too quickly and had fallen from his bike. Several of them worked through the steps of a responder and asked if they could help. While he was, thankfully, not injured enough to require First Aid, he was moved by the Christ-like compassion displayed by this group of teenagers.

 This school year also marked a renewed effort to create digital learning experiences for PAA students. More teachers utilized online tools for organization and distribution of materials while also finding ways to increase computer literacy for our students. The new Computers elective gave students a foundation in coding and design while the integration of Google Chromebooks for all grade 10 students provided access in every content area. This single addition impacted project choices for students and made creative expressions like student-made short films, award-winning radio commercials, posters, animations and so much more, possible. 

In an attempt to continue expanding opportunities for students to experience fulfillment in what they are learning, connect more with the PAA community, and find balance within the demands of life, teachers and administrators have made a concentrated effort to create a schedule with time for everything. The four-term system of 2015-2016 incorporated all the necessary elements for student success, but was a drastic change from the traditional, familiar school semester. In 2016-2017, class scheduling will revert back to the semester lay-out while teaching time will be adjusted to replicate some of the positive outcomes experienced this year. The school day will start a little later, end a little sooner, and include a flexible block of time for teachers to provide assistance or sponsorship to a number of clubs. Because communities are changing organisms and no two school years are the same in terms of what is most needed, we will continue to prayerfully consider and act on what is required to provide the most effective learning environment for our students.

On this note, additions for next year include:

  1. More renovations – the existing computer lab will be transformed into an additional teaching space and its function will be fully replaced by a mobile lab as well as Chromebooks for all grade 10 and 11 students.
  2. More options for transportation – there may be a new vehicle for students and staff to enjoy as they drive with teams, clubs, and classes around to the many off-campus encounters planned for next year.
  3. More people committed to supporting on-campus learning – after many years of dedicated service, both Del Spenst and Kathryn Egolf are going to pursue some well-earned leisure activities in retirement. However, their love of our students and our school has prompted each of them to return on contract to teach a favourite class or two, and we are definitely looking forward to seeing them around!
  4. More student-led worships – the Campus Ministries team is already planning wonderful things for next school year’s spiritual emphasis, including many original ideas and creative expressions.

At PAA, teachers and staff are glad to be doing God’s work and we ask that you continue to cover our campus in prayer. If you know of someone who might benefit from the immersive experience of Adventist education, invite them to contact us.  

August 29 is Registration Day!

April 8, 2016 // Treasuring our Youth


PAA is committed to offering the very best in quality education for our students. To make the campus experience affordable, friends of our campus - Alumni, Church families, and others believing in the value of Christian classrooms - offer financial support through scholarship funds for our current students. 

Many graduating classes decide to give back to the school that shaped them, establishing funds and criteria to benefit and currently enrolled student. Some donors seek to honour a loved one through a scholarship given to someone with the same values and influence as the person they memorialize. There are churches and conferences who match funds or make sacrifices so their young people can live in the dorm and learn in a godly environment. We are grateful for their contributions and sure that this years' recipients will be worthy of that which they receive. 

Current students may now apply using the scholarship application form in "Downloadable Documents" at the bottom of this page. If any reading this are moved to sponsor the shaping of a young students' life, then please contact the campus Office of Advancement to set up a scholarship of your own. 

Matthew 6:21 says that "Where your treasure is, there your heart will also be," and while we look toward an eternity in heaven, our hearts are with the treasure that is young people of our community. 




January 6, 2016 // Old Lessons for a New Year

PAA in Winter.jpg

The final four months of 2015 passed in a bit of a blur with all the regular calendar events falling into place amidst a flurry of changes here at PAA. In September, students filled up their weekends for Handshake, Class Challenge, and Senior Survival while teachers worked to develop exciting and engaging enrichment activities for this year’s Flex Block time.  October saw the Panthers’ Volleyball and Soccer teams travel to Walla Walla for an amazing tournament weekend, making many incredible memories while staff worked to secure an entire set of First Aid supplies for our in-house instruction. November came quickly and with it, the end of Term 1 as well as an opportunity for PAA’s new Dauntless team members to begin visiting churches and sharing their talents and the love of Jesus. December had barely begun before the Student Association planned a fantastic 1950’s-themed banquet amidst class parties, Christmas concerts, and all the while PAA staff sought to create the best possible learning experience for students in our classrooms. 


Now, 2016 opens up new opportunities for community at PAA, and teachers and students alike know that the challenges of returning to classes, embarking on new course material, and looking toward further responsibilities do not change the fact that everyday life is lived out through and between the calendar highlights. Assignments must still be completed; deadlines must be met; the work must go on.

Thank goodness there is a Biblical precedent for how everyday small tasks make the big picture come together. In Nehemiah, the story begins by acknowledging God’s constancy in His covenant of love (Neh. 1:5), which lays a foundation for the literal building of Jerusalem’s city wall. 

For many students, the academic demands of high school curriculum may feel like manual and mental labour. Certainly those who are excited to serve with Maranatha on the March mission trip will have the Old Testament experience of mixing mortar, stacking bricks, and seeing their efforts give way to tangible results. The rest of us will just have to trust that the process pays off!

Here at PAA we know, like Nehemiah, that the daily commitment of classwork from a variety of subjects creates a barrier, a filter through which the rest of the world can be viewed and experienced. This wall is similar to Nehemiah’s, as it is important for protection, identity, and the confidence of every contributing member. 

An entire wall, not unlike an academic year and the two remaining terms before us, is a big feat. It can be overwhelming, but Nehemiah reveals that the secret is simply for each person to tackle the task right in front of them: “every person returning to Jerusalem made repairs, each in front of their own house” (Neh. 3:28). 

Throughout the story, challenges came in the form of distractions and threats, evidenced by the motivation and commitment of the workers, but one thing never changes: building the wall is what everyone is there to do. 

Here are some lessons from Nehemiah PAA is adopting in terms of the life- and book-learning that will happen here in 2016. 

The wall [education] matters. 

The work to finish it must be completed. It will be difficult, but if every person can take care of the task just in front of them, it is a manageable accomplishment, and one to be remembered and celebrated! 

May God bless you as you approach whatever your wall may be in 2016, and as we continue to build together, please keep PAA in your prayers.




September 2, 2015 // Countdown to the Classroom


We're one short week away from the start of first class on the first day of the new 2015-2016 school year! Only 6 more days to enjoy summer, one more free weekend to prepare, and many things to think about as we get into our new program. 


Since students left our hallways in June, there have been many changes. Namely, the hallways themselves! Make sure you stop in to see our top-to-bottom renovations as we make the building ready for all the exciting learning  that will take place this year. 

Other areas on our campus have been worked on as well: Don't miss Maple Hall's dorm upgrades and the new campus Cafeteria serving area.

Registration day is Monday, September 7. Make sure you take time to stop in, enjoy the Student Association Brunch (8:30am-11:00am), and take care of last minute details. You can also enter a draw to win free PAA gear! 

School begins at 8:00am Tuesday, September 8. PAA's Principal, Ms. Bishop, and Vice-Principal, Mr. Jamieson, will be waiting to welcome you, along with all our teachers and staff. We have so many good things in store for this year and can't wait to get started as each member of our campus family learns how to STAND OUT. May you experience God's blessings this year and may all your memories and experiences BE OUTSTANDING!


May 7, 2015  //  Important Dates and Ideas for 2015-2016

May is such a beautiful time to celebrate bright days and bright futures, and as activities wind down, we can't wait to start all over again!  With graduation celebrations coming up a little later this month (May 22-24), next year's fun is already in sight, and now it can be on your calendar, too!


The official 2015-2016 calendar will be released in its entirety very soon and, with the help of GoogleCal and some tech-savvy minds on campus, it will be frequently updated and accessible!  In the meantime, we invite families to take a look at the important dates (2015-2016 Important Dates.pdf) for next school year.

Pay special attention to the division of four terms instead of two semesters.  This improved schedule allows us to begin fall classes after Labour Day, which is the latest school start since the beginning of PAA.  Enjoy those last few days of summer.

We'll begin registration on Monday, September 7, but pre-registration is now open and you can access all of our Admissions forms through this website and turn them into our office anytime.

Speaking of our office, the location hasn't changed, but the address has!  PAA can be found on the Burman University campus at: 6940 University Drive

 Come visit us for Alumni Weekend (June 5-6), PAA Days Open House (June 7-8), or one of our weekend graduation celebrations (May 22-24).  While we will miss the students moving on to better things, we're excited about everything in store for returning and newly enrolled students, and can't wait to share it with you!



April 9, 2015  //  Scholarships for PAA Students


PAA has the most wonderful family of students and once a year we get celebrate them for everything they have given to our campus.  For the students who served through praise and worship, mission projects, and other leadership roles in the 2015-2016 school year, there are scholarships available.  For students who leave home and live in the dorm, work hard and well toward any kind of campus improvement, or stay positive in the face of difficult obstacles, there are awards to be given!

Many PAA alumni have committed to providing others with the education they found most precious. Church members with a passion for Adventist education have donated to defray the costs students face in staying on campus.

To benefit from these funds, students must apply using the attached form:  PAA Sch App 2014 form.doc

Any student, regardless of experience, applying at any grade level will be considered.  Consult the Scholarship Criteria form (PAA Schl Criteria 2015.doc) for more information. 

God's blessings come both as financial gifts, but also in the form of our students.  Don't wait until graduation - Congratulate a PAA student today for being not only a scholar, but also a person who makes the world a better place.

April 2, 2015 // PAA Here, There, and Everywhere!


Life on campus moves quickly, and even though PAA operates by the same calendar as everybody else, we seem to be able to pack in so much more!

The month of March was filled with international experiences and global exposure, both locally and abroad. 

 paa belize 2015.jpg

Over the March Spring Break, Pastor Ted led a group of 17 to Santa Elena, Belize where they worked to complete the construction of a Seventh-day Adventist church in the small remote village of Billy White.  In addition to the physical labour, the students also contributed to an ongoing spiritual discussion broadcast by Faith FM ( 

Here, students shared personal experiences and insights into how God works in their lives.   One of our grade 12 students, who resides in Canada though he is not a resident, shared the miracle he experienced in just getting on the plane!  Because of his status, the US required a visa for him to simply layover in the Houston airport, but this was unknown until he encountered customs.  The PAA team prayed for all the questions to be resolved quickly and efficiently and God answered.  This student was released from isolation and allowed to rejoin the group and continue with his service to the mission project.  This event is a stark reminder that God is in complete control.  His grace is sufficient and His timing perfect, and those are lessons from just the start of the journey!Billy White Church Belize.jpg

While staying at the mission house, the PAA group hosted a VBS program for the neighbourhood children.  The games, stories, crafts, and songs left a lasting impact in that community as well as on the hearts of our students!

For those who were unable to travel with the PAA missions group, a global perspective can be gained right here at home.  PAA's English-Second Language course is receiving attention from the Canadian government because of the quality and variety of programs offered.  Recently, we were featured in a Canadian ambassador handbook for local boarding academies that will be published and distributed all over China. 

IB_HKONG-_138474-v1-canada directory A4 cover 18mar.JPG

For more information, go to and check out some of the ways we are trying to incorporate other cultures in our educational approach.


Because PAA advocates for the mental, social, and spiritual development of all of our students on both a personal and community-centred level; trips and experiences such as these go a long way toward educating our students for life and for eternity.  As we head toward the second Spring break, there will be more opportunities for students to travel (with Dauntless, PAA's student ministry team) and to study other cultures (through the Choral Union Europe tour).  Please pray for the safety of our students as they engage with the world and feel free to contact our office if you have any questions about our international initiatives.

Feb. 13, 2015 // Loving the Future of PAA

1 John 4.19.jpg

To celebrate this Valentine's Day, we are looking ahead and loving all that is yet to come!

Following the Family Day Break, February will almost be finished!  Classes resume Wednesday, February 18 with Family Group Breakfasts and Chapel, and right away, we're getting ready for our student-led Week of Prayer (February 23-28).  

Make sure to keep your calendar current as we gear up for March Madness! 


March 2 - PD Day for Teacher Training

March 6 and 7 - Parent Weekend on Campus

March 7 - Amateur Hour Talent Night

March 8 - Senior's Scholarship Banquet with CUC

March 15-24 - PAA Mission Trip to Belize

March 24 - Campus Commencement Ceremonies, Early Dismissal (3:00pm) for Staff Meeting

March 26 - Parent-Teacher Interviews (No Afternoon Classes) 


It's going to be a wonderful spring and we're so glad you can all be a part of it! 

PAA Parent Weekend 2015.jpg

February 3, 2015 // New Classes: Computers and Driver's Ed.


PAA students have many opportunities for personal and academic growth, but our school is also concerned with the practical life-skills needed to be independent and motivated to pursue success.   That's why PAA is offering two additional courses this Spring Semester:  Computers and Driver's Education.


Ms. Grovet is teaching computers for the first time, with the goal of helping students gain software skills and typing competencies.  It is a self-directed CTS course and based on enrolment, a popular one among PAA students.


The PAA office is now signing students up for a Driver's Education intensive for credit.  It will take place Sunday, February 22 and Sunday, March 1 from 8:30am-12:00pm and 12:30pm-4:00pm.  Attendance at both sessions is mandatory and includes 16 hours of driving experience.  The cost for each student is $603.75.  Those interested must sign up at the PAA office. 


We are looking forward to an exciting new year and new semester, awaiting all that God is doing in preparing our upcoming Student Week of Prayer (February 23-28), International Mission Opportunity in Belize (March 13-22) and many more good things to come!


Jan 6, 2015 // Final Exams for First Semester


It seems like snow falls more frequently in the new year, which makes for a lot of shovelling and daily fresh starts.  Old friends cut new pathways through the drifts as students return to school following the holiday.

Coming up this month, PAA Panthers will continue challenging local basketball teams in the league and also get ready to travel to Washington State for the Walla Walla Friendship Tournament (January 22-24, 2015).

More importantly, we are heading into the last two weeks of regular classes before first semester wraps up and we introduce a whole new schedule.

First semester final exams are scheduled to start on January 22, but grade 12 diploma testing begins next week.  (See the Diploma Schedule - January 2015.pdf for more information).

While it's chilly here in Alberta, we're keeping busy and warm!  As we let God lead us into this new year, PAA extends well-wishes for 2015 to all our students and their loved ones. 

"God's voice thunders in marvelous ways; he does great things beyond our understanding.  He says to the snow, 'Fall on the earth'... So that everyone he has made may know his work" (Job 37:5-7).

Dec 12, 2014 // Countdown to 2015

DSC_0220 copy.JPG

Christmas holidays have arrived and while classes do not resume until January 5, 2015 there are lots of things you can do to stay connected to campus even as you travel for the break.

Those interested in participating in a March break mission trip should contact Pastor Ted for fundraising and project information and download the PAA Belize Mission Registration form from the bottom of this page.  The first payment of $500 is due on the first day back to school (Jan. 5).

Panther basketball season continues in the new year.  Congratulations to both the boys and girls teams for their pre-Christmas win in Ponoka!  Come to the PAA gym @ 6:00pm on Jan. 5 to cheer them on for the first home game back from holidays.

Soon after students return, the semester comes to a close, so enjoy lots of rest as you get ready for the first round of Diploma exams beginning Jan. 13.IMG_3099.JPG

There is much to be excited about in the new year, and we're so glad we get to share it with you!  To learn more about some of PAA's projects and students (if you miss us over the break), check out the new online back-issues of the Canadian Adventist Messenger (  In each and every edition, you'll find a story about our students and our school.

Be sure to also follow us on Facebook to get some of the campus news and click through PAA's photo memories.

This Christmas season, "May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit" (Romans 15:13).

God bless you in all your plans for 2015.


 November 28, 2014 // #1 Pan-Fan


PAA is blessed to have so many extraordinary students with skills ranging from photography and drawing to performance and sketch comedy, not to mention our athletes!  With the change in seasons, many soccer and volleyball players have upgraded their jerseys to be part of PAA's Basketball season.

Starting next week and lasting until March, students will have the option of playing or cheering for our school.  Even those who aren't listed on the roster are important to the success of the game. 

PAA's promotional team is looking for the number 1  Fan of Panther Athletics, meaning the student with the most enthusiasm and the best cheer!  Everyone who comes out to PAA's campus home games this basketball season will be entered into a tournament finale draw for prizes.  Regardless of who goes home with the goods, those who participate in cheering on the games will help see our teams all the way to success!

Check the attached season schedule to find out when our games are.  See you courtside.

Go Panthers!  #PAAROAR


Basketball Schedule.pdf

November 4, 2014  //  Time change means time to change


The first academic quarter is now complete and we have just changed all the campus clocks to catch up with Sunday's time change.  Shorter days are upon us, and there is the realization that winter is not very far away.  Students running between volleyball practices, basketball tryouts, and choir workshops are picking up speed to get out of the chilled wind.  Knowing it will soon get even colder then this, we need to be prepared for what is yet to come.  It's time to pull out the mitts and toques for warmth, scrapers and anti-freeze for the vehicle, and stock up on plenty of hot chocolate for the cold months ahead.

There is also a distinct drop in energy that comes with the cooler weather, which is why we are glad to be part of a community that believes in a day of complete rest and restoration.  This is a day that requires some preparation as well.  Since Sabbaths are coming sooner, we will be dismissing the last class of each Friday between November 7, 2014 and January 16, 2015 30 minutes early.  Fifth block will conclude at 3:30pm every Friday during the period of shorter days, and the school building doors will lock at 4:00pm. 

In order to accommodate for this scheduling change, please make plans to collect all personal items (and people!) from the PAA building prior to that time at the end of each week.

As always, be sure to stay safe and warm out there, whatever the weather.


October 13, 2014 // TEAM MEETING TIME


Melinda and Angie.JPG

So much has already happened this year with our extracurricular social schedule and our various sports teams, that time has just flown by!  

That's why it's so nice to take a moment to catch the breath and really look at the progress made in course work and campus life.

Teachers are available to meet with students and parents here at the mid-term mark, but be sure to go onto the website and pick an appointment time before October 30, 2014! 

Bring your questions, your stories, and your smiles as we work together to support student learning and growth.

Michelle Reyes and Student.JPG

September 5, 2014 // Starting with Success


Here at PAA, we have started out the 2014-2015 school year right!  Students and staff are enjoying the new schedule, which includes 34 offered courses, extracurricular clubs and sports teams, as well as weekly worships and small family groups. It's our privilege to be part of the larger community of Adventist education, and it is our commitment to seek ways we can improve our programs in addition to our spiritual and scholastic environment.  

To help us reach that goal, we invite you to participate in this quick survey concerning your experience with Adventist education. Please take time to complete the quick survey before October 3, 2014. 


Survey_Messenger Ad.jpg


Jul 10, 2014 // Schools Out For Summer...

The school year has come to a close but we are busy working towards the 2014 - 2015 year. Follow our "Panther Tracks" for quick photo updates on what's happening throughout the year!

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Jun 20, 2014 // Looking Ahead

With graduation celebrations (May 23-25), Alumni Weekend (June 6-8) and PAA Days (June 8-10) behind us, Parkview Adventist Academy is looking to the future! Here are some things to keep an eye out for in the 2014-2015 calendar: Pastor Myles Gillespie w…

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Jun 18, 2014 // Glimpses

The 2013-2014 year is winding up and as students make their summer plans, teachers plan to make next year awesome! In addition to adding Drama, Construction, and ESL to the Fall course schedule, we are looking forward to all the new faces who will be joini…

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May 26, 2014 // Graduation 2014 Review

At Parkview Adventist Academy, graduation weekend (May 23-25, 2014) celebrates more than just student accomplishments. As Brock Stephens, the grade 12 Spiritual Representative, pointed out in his tribute to God, graduation acknowledges the good work that G…

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Apr 29, 2014 // Alberta Athletic Initiative

Rod Jamieson, PAA’s Athletic Director, has been working very hard to support Adventist athletes in our community. Students like Austin Holly and Andrea Laskowski, who both recently represented PAA in CASAA’s 2014 Senior Bowl at RDC have benefitted greatly …

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