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Parkview Adventist Academy students can look forward to a fast-paced semester with many hands-on learning opportunities planned.

On a Mission

PAA mission trip participants head to Chiriqui, Panama, March 22 for a 10-day project with Maranatha.  The multi-group project includes teams from other schools, churches, individuals and families who on their own could not undertake such a extensive project.  The team will work on a large Education and Evangelism Center (EEC) located north or David, Panama, on the outskirts of a town called Algarrobos.  The new school will be the first private school and only Christian school in the area.  When finished, the EEC will provide education for more than 400 elementary students.  Students will also have the chance to assist in hosting Vacation Bible School and with other outreach opportunities during their stay. 

“PAA’s moto is ‘Distinctly Academic, Decidedly Christian,’’ Says PAA Youth Pastor Ted Deer.  “Mission trips, both locally and abroad, are one way students have the opportunity to experience Christian values here at PAA.  It is through hands-on participation in service that students are able to connect classroom learning with integration into daily life.

“Through service, students better the lives of others and, ultimately, are changed themselves,” he added.

If you would like to know more about this opportunity, please contact PAA Youth Pastor Ted Deer at 306-570-1844.


Celebrating Canada 150

Students from PAA’s Political Thinking class are headed to Ottawa on March 27, 2018.  According to Socials Studies and Political Thinking class teacher, Sharline Fernandez, the trip is designed to enhance participants’ understanding of Federal and Provincial governments, while creating pride in being Canadian.  “The trip is an extension of our Social Studies class where we learn how government works and the important milestones in Canada’s 150-year history,” explains Ms. Fernandez.  “We will visit Parliament, other important government venues and heritage sites.” 

“Students have been actively fundraising through bottle drives, hot lunch sales in PAA’s Foods Room every Thursday, and bulb sales,” adds trip sponsor Patti Smedley. 

To learn more about our trip or fundraising efforts, please call Ms. Fernandez at 403-872-6430.


Outreach Opportunities

PAA will reach out to the community through its “Power Teams” this semester.  These student-led groups are comprised of student leaders from each of our 10th, 11th and 12th grade classes. The goal for the groups is to mentor students to become future spiritual leaders.  This is accomplished by empowering each student-led team to design and present special programing for local schools and churches.  Unlike our Dauntless performance team of previous years, these teams will focus on building skills within each grade level.  It will enable more students to become involved, while building cohesion within the class.  Students will use their creativity and talents in a way that is customized to fit the skill set of their particular group. 

If you would like to know more about the Power Teams, please contact Holly Kay at 403-597-6338.

Measuring Success One Student at a Time

For Parkview Adventist Academy (PAA) Class of 2017 graduates, Josh Chokka and Busi Dzingirayi, their success as first-year university students started during their formative years at PAA. 

“As a former PAA student, I can say that the faculty and staff did an outstanding job in helping me to pursue my career at university,” explains Josh.  “PAA did not just prepare me for university, but also gave me the skills to do well in my classes and follow what God had intended for me.” 

Josh says that his opportunities to participate in Dauntless (the school’s performance team) during his senior year helped him to decide to pursue a career in ministry.  “Just the level of spirituality at PAA and the students I call my friends are what helped to shape my future plans.”

Those plans include becoming a youth pastor and participating in as many mission trips as possible.  “The thing about spiritual opportunities is that you don’t know what to expect, but the experience and knowledge you gain – in my case through participation in Dauntless and Wednesday morning chapels –were definitely beneficial in determining my career path.”

Fellow classmate, Busi Dzingirayi adds that PAA prepared her to be a person of action.  “I learned that if I want something to change, I can’t expect to sit around and complain and expect someone else to do it.  I should do it myself.”

No one would accuse Busi of being inactive.   “I joined Dauntless my first year at PAA and helped start a Campus Ministries Team my second year,” she continued.  “As a 10th grade student, I was still trying to figure out the whole God thing, but I knew that I couldn’t just wait around for it to hit me or else my faith would go stagnant.” 

Initially considered “shy”, Busi thought she would have minimal involvement.  “Little did I know of the plans God had for my life,” she added.  “Dauntless got me out of my comfort zone and encouraged me to be more open with what I believe.”

The following year, Busi held several key leadership roles, including class Pastor, Student Association Financial Vice President and a Campus Ministries team leader.  “I ended up taking part in any ministry and leadership opportunity that came my way and God really showed me how cool, adventurous and exciting life is with Him in my life,” concludes Busi.  “I am currently enrolled at Burman University as a Business student with a minor in Applied Christianity.  I’m not exactly sure how God is going to use that mix, but I’m excited to find out.”

“We are very proud of the positive choices that our former and current students are making,” says PAA Principal Angie Ward.  “The greatest success we can achieve as educators in a Christian environment is to see our students not only thrive academically, but develop that personal connection with Jesus Christ.” 

If you would like to know more about the opportunities available at Parkview Adventist Academy, please contact us at 403-782-3381.


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