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At Parkview Adventist Academy, our mission is to encourage students:

  1. To achieve academic excellence
  2. To accept personal responsibility for their mind, body, and spirit
  3. And to experience spiritual growth as they learn to serve their community.

Our teachers pursue ongoing professional development as they seek to improve their classroom skills and experiences, and our student body benefits from their efforts.

Our administrative team works to provide diverse learning opportunities both in and outside of school hours to support learning in all areas.

Parkview Adventist Academy is committed to creating a Christian environment in which all can find academic success. We are distinctly academic and decidedly Christian, but this is not just a slogan. Here are some of the things our students say PAA does best:

  1. Academic Assistance: PAA provides free tutoring for all students Sunday-Thursday in our dorm. Teachers also have a daily scheduled Flex Block from 11:05 -12:00. During this time all teachers are in their classrooms to assist student learning.
  2. Student-Teacher Ratio (9-1): The smaller campus environment allows PAA students to access a staff member for any kind of support needed. There are 9 students for every one staff, and every enrolled student and alumni is known by name.
  3. Spiritual Growth: PAA’s programming makes Bible study and spiritual growth a part of everyday life. Students are not afraid to ask hard questions about faith and teachers are committed to the process of discovery. 
  4. Athletics: PAA’s athletics program is growing and improving, granting skilled students the opportunity to participate in leagues without Sabbath conflicts, and play more than four annual Christian tournaments. Our coaches bring a spiritual element to the physical challenge of Volleyball, Flag-Football, Basketball, Soccer, Cross-Country Running, Track and Field and our Acronaire tumbling team.
  5. Extracurricular Activities: Student led Praise teams, Student Association Government, Class Government, Dorm Club, Climbing Wall, Pool, Weight Room, and many other campus activities provide students with a busy, well-rounded schedule of events.
  6. Campus Facilities: PAA shares the campus with Burman University in the city of Lacombe Alberta, Canada. PAA’s students and staff have full access a modern University campus, with amenities such as a large Library, Science Centre, Auditorium, Music Building, Art Centre, Athletic Fields, and a Gymnasium with a fitness centre, pool, climbing wall and outdoor rink.
  7. Safe and Caring Campus: In a recent survey 94% PAA’s students and parent rate PAA as having a safe and caring environment. There are activities to facilitate friendships between students, with a zero-tolerance for bullying. The classes, campus activities, and student-led programming all work to reinforce relationships that outlast a student’s time here at PAA.


Ph: 403.782.3381 x 4112
Fx: 1.866.931.2652

6940 University Drive
Lacombe, AB
T4L 2E7


Ph: 403.782.3381 x 6000

6720 University Drive
Lacombe, AB
T4L 2E3

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